no portrait
Full Name Rachael
Class Unknown
Race Halfling
Organization Professor Sokolov
Area Talenta Plains (born)

Sharn (current residence)

PC Affiliation Gibbins: Partner
Rachael is a halfling hunter, hailing from the Talenta Plains and hired by Professor Sokolov as a bodyguard during his expedition into the Demon Wastes. Similarly to Gibbins, she specializes in thrown weapons, carrying her own supply of high-quality throwing knives.

Rachael's first introduction to Gibbins consisted of her bragging about her abilities, being the top hunter in her tribe. When on the Wastes, a member of the Plaguebearers hit her with a javelin contaminated with his own diseased blood. Rachael's infection swiftly worsened, and the need for proper care led Sokolov's party to Koganusan before Weld magically cured Rachael of disease.

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